Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Truly Sweet Contest!


In honor of Valentine's Day I am kicking off a "sweet" contest! The winner of the contest will receive a $25 gift certificate to the oh so yummy local shop of goodness, KoKoa Chocolatier. Perfect timing for the Valentine's Day procrastinators out there!

Here are the rules:

In the comments box, post something or someone that you "Love" and why. Posts must be received by noon on Tuesday, February 9th.

On your mark, get set, go!


Alexandra Kay said...

I LOVE my Mom. As a single mother, she made huge sacrifices in order to raise me, making sure I had everything a child could need, and then some. She let me be ME, no matter how "unique" or "different" I was. Her selflessness has shown me how to be a giving, caring person, remembering to always keep others in mind. She is a beautiful, strong woman and I'm very proud to call myself her daughter.

Studio Skin said...

This might be cliche but, my husband. He accepts my faults and imperfections with open arms, has never judged me; even when things got really rough in my life. He has sacrificed a lot for me and I know he will always be there when I need him, whether it be to rant about something silly, or to help me when something terribly happens. He keeps me centered and grounded. He has given me everything I have ever asked for, and I am truly lucky and grateful for such a giving, selfless man. There are so many jerks in the world, I am blessed to have someone who does so much for me, and never asks for anything in return. I know every single day that I am loved. Nothing can replace that.

Belinda Wildcat said...

My dogs, Bandit and Bear. They bring me the calm and comfort I need when things are rough. They bring me laughter when I need it the most. When I walk through the front door I know I'll always be greeted with great excitement and happiness. What more could a person want?