Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fine Art Image Books by Fine Art Boudoir Photography

I am so excited that the Fine Art Image Books from the Inn at the Price Tower sessions have begun to arrive! Our Fine Art Image books are fully customizable, allowing you to choose from gorgeous leather covers, stunning vegan options, and eye catching page backgrounds. With the purchase of your Fine Art Image Book, we also include a complimentary dedication page where you can personalize your book with words of love.

Our Fine Art Image Books come in a wide array of colors and textures. The image featured here is "Biker Chic" and is a beautiful black leather that will last for many years to come.
The pages within our Fine Art Image Books are constructed with a sturdy material that will not bend or warp when cared for correctly.
All Fine Art Image Books feature "centerfold" pages of your favorite images from your Fine Art Boudoir Photography session.
Each Fine Art Image book comes with your choice of background paper. We have dozens of beautiful background choices for you to showcase your images in your own style!

Slumber Parties by Kristi B.


Monday we held our bi-monthly Dandelion Network group meeting and Kristi B. with Slumber Parties was our hostess for the evening. I had never been to a real Slumber Party before and didn't really know what to expect!

Let me start by saying this Slumber Parties are very much an educational experience. Slumber Parties are not your typical women's parties where you are there strictly to buy product. The reason why I am such an advocate of these parties is that Kristi is so insanely knowledgeable about the female body. She is very patient and you would be shocked about the things you don't know about your own body! Even at the age of 32 and after two kids, she educated me on a couple of things that even I didn't know. More importantly, she explains the changes your body goes through after kids and as we age.

Slumber Parties has a wide variety of products for purchase and as Kristi puts it, "you can book your own party - from wild to mild!" Slumber Parties are great for bachelorette parties and so perfect for lingerie shopping. Kristi has a huge variety of lingerie that come in all sizes and styles. If you don't know about Slumber Parties or would like to book your own party, Kristi always runs great hostess specials!

Visit Kristi's blog or website for blog more info.

Life Yoga ~ Week 5


This week marks my 5th week of classes with Hillary, owner of Life Yoga. I am excited because I have anxiously been awaiting the time when I could begin taking classes twice per week! Hillary recently gained access to a private studio, so she will now be teaching Saturday classes at 9am in addition to her on location private classes. I am so thrilled for Hillary and also excited to begin class twice a week!

I have noticed that Yoga is following me around outside of classes. For the first time in my life, I am taking notice of my posture. We all know that our moms and grandmothers have always preached the importance of a good posture, but I never have thought much of it before now. Even when I am deep in the trenches of an editing spree, I can feel myself sitting with a straight and strong spine, where before I would have just been hunched over, with my head often resting supported by my hand - not the right thing to do.

I also have noticed that I find myself walking differently too. I can feel myself naturally walking taller and with my shoulders back and strong, where before, I never really thought much about how I walked.

Hillary and I were talking after class last week and she enlightened me about her first feelings about Yoga when she first began taking classes herself. She said that one day after one of her first classes, she discovered that Yoga "tricks you." It tricks you because during class you can be in the depths of a new pose and think you are dying, or want to die, but then after class you feel so great! It's funny how during Yoga I think to myself a hundred times that Hillary is intentionally holding poses too long and is intentionally making me suffer (and I mean that in the best way), but after class I feel so amazingly energized and happy that I made it through another class.

One last thing that I will share for this posting is that I researched how many calories you burn during a class with Hillary. Depending on how far you take the poses and what you put into your class, you can be burning between 350-500 calories per session! I told my husband that if I took classes daily, it would allow me to add a full extra meal to my day! He told me that the typical woman would be happy to know that those calories were helping her to lose weight - I am the only woman who would be happy to know that it would allow me to eat more! I disagree! I know that most women have dreams of eating chocolate to our heart's content (dark chocolate for me!) and not gaining weight! Just think - if you do Yoga daily, that would allow you to eat a candy bar daily and still lose weight. That's what I call a win/win situation!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fine Art Boudoir Photography ~ Tip #5

Tip#5 ~ Getting In Shape for Your Session

We all have heard about the many, many benefits of doing Yoga on a regular basis, but I am now discovering first hand just how rewarding the Yoga experience can be! For those of you who are interested in some exercise techniques that will help you look your best for your Fine Art Boudoir Photography session - read on to lean about Life Yoga and the benefits of Yoga. I will continue to post a couple of times a month so that you all can share in my journey and also will pass along some tips on how to do Yoga on your own as I learn them.

Happy reading!

Today was my third class with Hillary Wright, Owner of Life Yoga. I am so excited to be blogging about my Life Yoga journey and marking my progress so that I can share the benefits of Yoga with so many people!

Class today was the best yet because I really could feel that my body was responding so well. I can notice such a progression from my first class up until now and it is more than encouraging! After the first class, I will admit that I was so sore for about 5 days. That is from the embarrassing fact that I have really not been nice to my body since the birth of the my first son almost 6 years ago (has it really been that long!?)

Then, after my second class the recovery time was brought down to only about 2-3 days. After only two classes I noticed such an amazing difference! For those of you who are fellow shutterbugs, you know the soreness and overall fatigue that sets in the day after shooting a full coverage wedding. Last weekend I shot the amazing Brook and Heath’s wedding and the next day woke up not feeling any of the usual aches and pains (even in my hands) that I normally feel after a full day of shooting! This was so encouraging and exciting for me that after only two classes, my body was already doing so great!

One thing I have also noticed since I have begun classes with Hillary is that I am more aware of my body for a lack of a better explanation. I am much more aware of my muscles (even the ones that I didn’t know existed until a few weeks ago!) and often find my self subconsciously stretching and wanting to do Yoga on my days when I don’t have class.

In two weeks I will be taking the jump from one class per week to two. I highly recommend for those of you who are new to Yoga to begin with only one class per week so that you can slowly allow your body to adjust to the idea of Yoga. I can’t wait until next week’s class!

If you would like to learn more about how to arrange private Yoga lessons or how to set up a class for a group of fans or co-workers, you can become a Facebook Fan or log on to Hillary's website or blog.

For those of you who would like to book a session with Hillary in preparation for an upcoming Fine Art Boudoir Photography session, you will receive a 10% off of both your session and products purchased after your session!


Hillary Wright, Owner of Life Yoga

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Own Photo Shoot!

Last month the hubby and I trekked down to Ducan, OK for a photo shoot of our very own, by the oh so sweet and talented Abigail Smith. I rarely have the opportunity to get on the other side of the camera and I do have to say that it was fun doing the session with my smokin’ hot hubby! Although there are tons of great shots from this session, these are some of my favorites…and I can’t wait to begin using them on my websites and for promotional material!

Thanks so much Abigail!!!!







This image definitely deserves an explanation! My very first concert was Loverboy when I was about 6 years old. I recently came into possession of some of my mom’s much cherished record collection and knew without a doubt that I just had to incorporate them into the session somehow. When I pulled out this album cover, I think Abigail actually blushed! She is a bit too young to know how awesome Loverboy was back in the day, but she was a good sport about putting up with my ideas!

Fine Art Boudoir Photography ~ Session Tip #4

Tip#4 ~ Some Surprising Lingerie Finds
The majority of my questions are centered around what to wear to your session. While Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s are great options, they can often be pricey and don’t cater to all body types. I will, however, note that Frederick’s has some great sale items!

Here is a listing of some surprising and possibly not so surprising local stores and websites that have some great lingerie finds from the classic bustier with garters to elegant dressing robes:


~Websites ~ Specializing in gorgeous lingerie for curvy women ~ Believe it or not, Ebay has a huge selection of inexpensive new lingerie that ranges from unique and elegant pieces to the more adventurous. ~ Ranging from delicate and breathtaking to creative role playing lingerie, Lingerie Diva is a great website!

~ Local Finds
Victoria’s Secret
Frederick’s of Hollywood
TJ Maxx

Slumber Parties are also a fun way to find lingerie. My fellow Dandelion Network pal Kristi B. is so much fun and hosting a Slumber Party is a great way to save on lingerie!

If you know of any great locations for lingerie shopping, we would love to hear about them!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Fine Art Boudoir Photography ~ Session Tip #3

Don’t forget that your Fine Art Boudoir Photography Session will be a full body experience! Many of our images are close up and tastefully showcase all of the aspects of your body. Although extra care is taken while applying light airbrushing techniques - the images are still of your body.

With this in mind, don’t forget to gently exfoliate from head to toe a couple of days before your session and be sure to apply a deeply moisturizing lotion before your arrival. This will ensure that your skin will look its best for your special images!

One of the best products for dry winter skin is Vitamin E Body Butter from the Body Shop. The Body Shop is well-known for their natural ingredients and sweet smelling lines of products. The Vitamin E Body Butter is a great intensive moisturizer that gives your skin a great natural looking level of moisture.


Fine Art Boudoir Photography ~ Shawna A.

I can't believe that I only have a couple of sessions left to post from our Inn at the Price Tower Rendezvous in Bartlesville, OK!

The Inn at the Price Tower Rendezvous was so much fun and I can't wait until our next Rendezvous that will take place next month. Since our Price Tower Rendezvous, we have added some exciting new services to pamper the girls even more during their Rendezvous sessions!

Don't want to miss out on the fun? Need an unforgettable Christmas or Valentine's Day gift? Here is the schedule for the upcoming Fine Art Boudoir Photography Rendezvous sessions:

November 21st - Hotel Ambassador Tulsa
The hotel Ambassador is a stunning boutique luxury hotel in downtown Tulsa. I was fortunate enough to stay there last weekend during a fun girls' weekend!

December 12th - Location To Be Announced
I have some fun things in the works for this Rendezvous and I will make the details available as they unfold.

Both sessions are more than half full, so if you have been contemplating booking a session for Christmas or Valentine's Day - don't delay!


And without further ado - here are some images from the beautiful Shawna's session:






Feather by Feather

The beautiful Megan from the Bartlesville Price Tower Rendezvous wore a gorgeous feather headband for part of her session and it was love at first site for me! Megan's headband was made by Feather by Feather, a local vendor who offers amazingly inexpensive, yet elegant feather headbands. Feather by Feather has an Etsy store and you can visit them by clicking on the image below.

These stunning headbands make an eyecatching addition to any of our Fine Art Boudoir Photography sessions!

~ Sarah